How to get more viewers on twitch fast

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Before you think of a way to get viewers on twitch fast, you need to do certain things.
Nowadays, there are so many tutorials on this. Some will say you should promote your channel on social networking sites, others will tell you to pay for them. In all, you can’t get quality viewers if you don’t make sure that your account does not undergo these processes.

Create a niche targeted twitch channel

A lot of you reading this might have just signed up on Twitch, add a cover image, and then make a random video. You did it wrong. You should concentrate on building a relevant channel. It should have a name; cover picture and video related to the niche you are in.
For instance, if you plan to broadcast the game, Call of Duty, use a cover related to the game. It should be captivating. It shouldn’t be annoying in its appearance. You need to find a way to design a cover that can attract someone to check on your channel.
After you are through with that, start broadcasting the game videos. Don’t be silly to play a random game. That is not what the channel is created for. You can make another one for that. This should be focused on its main theme.

Share on social networking sites

You must have been skipping social sharing for some time. It is important. Always, share your video on different social sites whenever it is ready for streaming. You don’t have to bulk post on the site. Just do it once. Don’t make it look as if you are using an auto poster for that. Do it manually. If possible, just copy and post the link on the site or click on the share button, then select the platform you want.

Those two are necessary to start having small amounts of views. When you finish, buy real views from us.
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Remember to prepare your profile for massive viewers by implementing those two techniques. During that will ensure that people of good interest watch your clip.

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